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NBA reveals innovative ‘NB-AI’ generative AI tool at 2024 All-Star Game

NBA reveals innovative ‘NB-AI’ generative AI tool at 2024 All-Star Game

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has introduced an innovative Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) tool named ‘NB-AI,’ poised to redefine the digital viewing experience for basketball fans.

This cutting-edge technology, NB-AI, operates as a voice-activated assistant capable of analysing live game footage in real-time. It not only addresses fan inquiries but also has the remarkable ability to transform game footage based on user commands, representing a significant leap in AI capabilities.

Distinguished from conventional AI systems, NB-AI stands out as a prime example of Gen AI due to its capacity to generate entirely new content rather than merely interpreting existing data.

The demonstration of NB-AI took place during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis, where NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and San Antonio Spurs’ top draft pick Victor Wembanyama showcased its capabilities. Wembanyama requested to witness a live game transformed into the aesthetic of a Spider-Man movie, prompting NB-AI to deliver a captivating rendition featuring cartoon players, comic book text, and dynamic music.

The NBA All-Star Weekend has emerged as a platform for showcasing technological advancements within the league. In addition to NB-AI, the event highlighted a host of innovations, including a full video LED court utilised during the All-Star Celebrity Game and All-Star Saturday Night. This state-of-the-art court offers dynamic features such as colour-changing capabilities, live video streaming, real-time stats, animations, and interactive games for spectators.

Immersive technology specialist Meetkai introduced the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) metaverse experience at the event, offering exclusive events and merchandise sales within a virtual environment.

Previous NBA All-Star Games have been at the forefront of technological experimentation, featuring virtual reality (VR) productions, children’s-themed simulcasts and trials involving 5G and Web 3.0 technologies.

The introduction of NB-AI underscores the NBA’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the fan experience and push the boundaries of innovation within the sports industry.

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