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Playa Power Launches The Specialists Playbook Podcast Series

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Playa Power Launches The Specialists Playbook Podcast Series

Last week, Playa Power unveiled “The Specialists Playbook,” a podcast series featuring all 12 of the Playa Power Personal Branding and Athlete Marketing Specialists, including:

  • Allana Ferguson – Former Dual International and Sports Commentator
  • John Hess – Former Global Creative & Brand Director for Nike, Converse and Michael Jordan
  • Liz Graham – Head of Brand & Advertising at RAMS, Westpac Group
  • Gavin McGarry – Founder of Jumpwire Media
  • Kristy Bloomfield – Senior VP or Global Marketing at Lyre’s Spirits
  • Jamie Teahan – COO at Vanquish Media Group
  • Charles Shelton-Agar – General Manager of Audience Growth at News Corp
  • Tom Maynard – Founder of Amplify Creative Agency
  • Sarah Widera – Founder of Scoop Communications and former FIFA Global Communications Manager
  • Gracie Strawn – Influencer & Partnership Manager at Vanquish Media Group
  • Sarah Galbally – Director of Neon Legal and Western Bulldogs Legal
  • Ben Facey – Formally worked with Universal Music, Taylor Swift, U2 & Foxtel

The Specialists Playbook sits down with each Specialist to discuss their real-world experiences and advice for Athletes on how they can successfully build and market their own personal brands.

Since its launch in early 2024, Playa Power has quickly grown into a cornerstone resource for athletes aiming to elevate their personal branding. The platform is collaborating with various Australian and international sporting organisations and teams, providing education to their athletes to harness the power of their personal stories and market presence.

This educational initiative not only empowers athletes to shape their brand narratives but also integrates them more deeply into the broader sports industry’s marketing efforts. With its comprehensive approach and strong partnerships, Playa Power is reshaping how athletes interact with their audiences and sponsors, setting a new standard in athlete branding education.

Listen via Spotify here – spoti.fi/3U0agcA

Learn more about Playa Power here – https://playapower.com/

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