Women In Sport

Breaking Barriers And Building Audiences: Strategies to enhance the viewership of women’s sports

Unleash the True Potential of Women’s Sport: Strategies to Bridge the Gap and Skyrocket Viewership

Delve into the complex world of women’s sport with ‘Breaking Barriers and Building Audiences’, a comprehensive guide that presents cutting-edge research on viewership trends, exposes underlying challenges, and offers powerful solutions to reshape the landscape of women’s sport.

Why should you invest in ‘Breaking Barriers and Building Audiences’?

  • Gain unparalleled insights from an exclusive ‘Women’s Sport Viewership’ study conducted by YouGov Sport Australia.
  • Understand the disparity between men’s and women’s sports viewership: what the problem is, why it exists, and how it can be addressed.
  • Discover innovative strategies to enhance the viewership of women’s sports and drive transformational change in the industry.

This e-book is an essential resource for sports administrators, marketers, fans, and gender equality advocates seeking to champion women in sport.

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