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Is Hyundai’s Partnership With Brisbane Lions The Evolution Of Sport Sponsorship?


A new trend of sports sponsorship models are beginning to emerge as marketers continue to face increased pressure from CEO’s to justify and demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) and with Hyundai revealing the secret to the success of their long-term partnership with the Brisbane Lions, does this now become the benchmark for sport sponsorship?

Hyundai Australia is currently in the 9th year of its sponsorship agreement with the Brisbane Lions and Martin Him, Hyundai’s General Manager, says the long-term partnership has been a success because of the AFL clubs ability to deliver outcomes.

Recently signing a further four-year platinum partnership with the iconic club, Hyundai has had “several partnerships with other sport entities that haven’t worked”, but when the Lions introduced a club facilitator several years ago to focus on doing business within the club, the car manufacturer saw a dramatic increase in sales.

“Our long-term partnership with the Lions has delivered in more ways than one,” Mr Him said.

“The club understands what we want in a partnership and have been able to consistently deliver on that.

“The club sells over 170 cars a year through our direct partnership and we are able to contribute money from every sale back into supporting the club and football programs such as the Hyundai Academy.

Since partnering with the Lions in 2010, Hyundai has also contributed to a range of initiatives, but most notably the ‘Hyundai Help For Kids Lions Academy’.

The academy is a strategic development program for 12 to 18 year-olds involving skills acquisition, nutritional advice, injury prevention and player development to help identify the next generation of Lions champions, like graduate Harris Andrews.

Hyundai also became a Proud Partner of the Brisbane Lions Women’s team in 2017 for the first season of the elite Women’s Australian Rules Football Competition (AFLW).

“When we look at sports sponsorship, we want to link with organisations that align with our values in helping kids,” Him said.

“I’ve got two daughters, so it’s really important that we continue to invest in women’s sport and give them the same opportunity as the men.

“The Lions have introduced us to other members of their network and when like-minded people work together the greater community benefits and that’s why this partnership continues to be a success.”

Lions play GWS in the semi-final on Saturday 14th at the Gabba.

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