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Yankee Tickets Generated $345 Million In 2022

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Yankee Tickets Generated $345 Million In 2022

The New York Yankees has reported they sold US $345 million (AUD $523 million) of tickets in 2022, more than $100 million greater than during their prior season, based on a bond market disclosure.

The figures were disclosed in a regulatory filing required as part of the financing arrangement with the state of New York, which built the current ballpark that opened in 2009.

The bond market disclosures count only ticket and suite sales, and therefore exclude any money made by the team from broadcasting, merchandise, concessions and other income.

The team sold US $344.7 million (AUD $521 million) in tickets and suite licenses for 2022, including $100 million collected in 2021 for the 2022 season, as well as $61 million sold in the fourth quarter of 2022 that almost are deposits for the upcoming baseball season.

However, since the Yankees only played five of the 11 playoff games last year, they failed to win a game after the division series round and an undisclosed portion of those monies will be refunded or credited to 2023 tickets.

Yankees fans generated over $94 million in tickets purchased ahead of the 2020 season, which wasn’t played with fans in attendance due to the pandemic and drew 3.16 million fans last year.

Ticket sales for the 2022 campaign, featuring Aaron Judge setting the all-time American League record for home runs, came in well ahead of 2021, when fan attendance was limited to less than 2 million by local capacity regulations due to COVID-19.

In the last full season unaffected by the pandemic, the Yankees sold $336 million in tickets, including an undisclosed portion of $68 million in unplayed playoff games refunded to customers, according to a separate bond market disclosure.

This announcement comes after the New York Yankees made history, becoming the first side in the competition’s history to reach US$6 billion in club value.

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