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Queensland Government Threatens To Shut NRL Down Amid COVID-19 Breaches


Queensland Government Threatens To Shut NRL Down Amid COVID-19 Breaches

The NRL season has been threatened by Queensland health officials as allegations of biosecurity and government restriction breaches emerge from the Queensland hub.

NSW and Penrith athlete, Api Koroisau, is being investigated by the NRL after being accused of sneaking a woman into the NSW blues hotel in Brisbane in June.

The accusation came out at the same time as photos revealed families in NRL hotel quarantine shared items between verandas in Queensland.

Queensland chief health officer, Dr Jeannette Young said she is “very close” to shutting the whole competition down, delivering a final warning to those in the NRL bubble.

“I’m getting very close to it,” Dr Young said on the thought of revoking the NRL’s exemptions.

“I’m very, very concerned about what is happening with these NRL players.

“You would have seen that imagery of the family hotel where they were sharing goods between verandas, so I’m very concerned.

“That’s for all of them.

“This is too risky.

“We just cannot have people deliberately breaching the rules,” she said.

The warning comes as the fixture has been confirmed for rounds 20 and 21 of the NRL season.

Initially the families and partners of NRL athletes were told they would be able to roam the hotel and utilise the facilities during their two weeks in hotel quarantine, however, the night before they travelled to the Gold Coast, they were told the rules had changed, now having to completely isolate themselves in their rooms.

Since the photos emerged, a common room has now been established on each floor, allowing families and partners to socialise within only their floor level.

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