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IBA files complaint against World Boxing over trademark usage

IBA files complaint against World Boxing over trademark usage

In an ongoing battle for supremacy in the world of boxing governance, the International Boxing Association (IBA) has lodged a formal complaint against its rival, World Boxing, alleging unauthorised use of IBA trademarks.

The IBA contends that the phrase ‘World Boxing’, which appears in World Boxing’s logo, and ‘World Boxing Tour’ are registered properties of the IBA. The IBA has issued a deadline of October 26, a mere three days after filing the complaint, demanding that World Boxing cease using the name ‘World Boxing’ across all aspects of its operations, including documents, websites, social media profiles, and public communications.

The IBA has additionally called for a public apology from World Boxing by the specified deadline.

The governing body emphasised in its letter that it reserves the right to pursue legal action, “seeking remedies for unauthorized use of our trademarks and associated damages.”

In an open letter to World Boxing, IBA Chief Executive and Secretary-General Chris Roberts asserted, “The IBA hereby formally notifies your organisation [World Boxing] regarding the unauthorised use of its trademarks.”

The letter continued, stating, “Such actions not only inflict reputational and financial harm upon IBA but also potentially misguide the global boxing community regarding the legitimacy of your organisation, especially when you present yourself as the global governing entity of boxing through unauthorized use of IBA trademarks.”

This development is the latest episode in a protracted feud between the IBA and the insurgent World Boxing organisation.

World Boxing was established in April 2023 with the objective of preserving boxing’s place in the Olympics. This initiative came in response to concerns raised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which suggested that boxing might be excluded from the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games and future Olympic events.

The IBA’s IOC membership was initially suspended in 2019 due to concerns about its governance. In June 2023, the IOC officially revoked the IBA’s committee membership, declaring that the IBA would not be responsible for organising boxing at LA28.

World Boxing’s mission is to prevent the expulsion of boxing from the Olympics, as the sport is currently “on hold” for the LA28 event schedule and may risk exclusion from future Games.

Since its establishment, World Boxing has attracted more than 15 boxing federations from around the world, including influential bodies like Great Britain Boxing and USA Boxing, which have defected from the IBA to join the new organisation.

The initial federations involved with World Boxing, including their presence on the board, are now facing formal complaints from the IBA. Over the past six months, the IBA has repeatedly issued legal threats to both World Boxing and its new member organisations.

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