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Stadium Sustainability: Can The MCG Stand Up Against The World’s Stadiums?

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Stadium Sustainability: Can The MCG Stand Up Against The World’s Stadiums?

The iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground’s (MCG) Great Southern Stand could be entirely rebuilt proceeding the completion of the Victorian Government’s feasibility study on the quality of the venue.

It is expected the study will recommend an entire rebuild of the stadium’s southern stand, with former Collingwood president, Eddie McGuire, calling for a roof to also be built into the stadium.

An entire rebuild of the 30-year-old stand is expected to cost more than $1 billion and will address the MCG management’s concerns regarding the stand’s limited disability access, lack of food and beverage options, outdated seating and congested entry and exit points.

The Age reported an MCC source’s opinion of the MCG, the source said: “Most of the industry knows it’s old.”

“It’s not broken but it’s not great,” the source said.

The government’s feasibility study began in the second half of last year as concerns grew the stand would be outdated in comparison to new national and international stadiums.

The MCG’s age, and its lack of a high-class experiences in comparison to stadiums around the globe, such as the host of the NFL’s Super Bowl, SoFi Stadium in California, has led many to question its longevity and potential to continue holding major events in the future.

Perth’s recently opened Optus Stadium has the potential to compete against the MCG in obtaining future matches and games.

The stadium’s cost doubled the predicted construction budget, $1.8 billion and has many high-end facilities that will ensure its sustainability.

Facilities within Optus Stadium include future proofed stadium technology to provide full 4G coverage throughout the stadium, two 340 square-metre screens, high levels of disability access, the widest range of seating and hospitality options of any stadium in Australia, the ability to add an extra 10 000 seats, and a lightweight fabric roof that covers 85% of the stadium.

Looking across the globe for comparison, SoFi Stadium, which opened in 2020 and cost $5 billion to build set records for fans spending the highest amount on amenities within a visit at the recent Super Bowl.

The stadium can seat up to 100,000 people, it has a 70,000 square feet video board, 5G high speed internet within the plazas around the main stadium, and the ability to broadcast games on its glass ceiling for overhead watchers.

It’s vertical seating design brings fans as close as possible to the game, while it also provides a range of viewing, food and beverage options.

Europe’s Tottenham Stadium is a global benchmark of innovation with a capacity of 62,300.

The design’s fully retractable pitch, efficient use of underutilised spaces, diverse range of hospitality and seating options, and its modernness combine to create an innovative and sustainable stadium-goer experience.

The report on the MCG improvements, including McGuire’s suggestions to add a interactive roof to the venue similar to SoFi Stadium, is part of the state’s plans to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, and return to hosting major events such as the AFL Grand Final after the COVID-19 pandemic meant it was held in Brisbane and Perth for the past two years, respectively.

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