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New Strategy: First 3D Printed Parts To NASCAR Next Gen Cars

New Strategy: First 3D Printed Parts To NASCAR Next Gen Cars

Digital printing company, Stratasys, has announced a new partnership with NASCAR to produce the first 3D Printed Parts to NASCAR Next Gen Cars.

After three years of planning the fresh 3D printed parts now offer NASCAR improved performance and aerodynamics, along with greater cost savings. Stratasys worked with NASCAR to design these parts to ensure they are best fit for the Next Gen Cars.

Commented on the partnership, Senior vice president for Stratasys, SenPat Carey, said: “It is exciting to see the evolution of how NASCAR has used additive manufacturing across their vehicles. We’ve helped them move from 3D printed prototypes to end-use production parts on their high-performance race cars.”

“We are honoured to be named a NASCAR Competition Partner and to provide all teams with the first end-use production parts for their Next Gen cars,” he said.

Senior Vice President, racing innovation, NASCAR, John Probst, spoke similarly on the partnership, he said: “The Next Gen car could not have been completed without the collaboration with NASCAR Competition Partners like Stratasys and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.”

“They provided us with strategic direction on design, materials, and the right additive manufacturing technologies to use to create the highest performance parts for the Next Gen cars,” he said.

Founder and CEO of Joe Gibbs Racing Team, Joe Gibbs, concluded that: “Our work together has helped move the racing world forward through new technologies that improve the sport.”

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