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Genius Sports elevates NFL+ streaming experience with enhanced data features

Genius Sports elevates NFL+ streaming experience with enhanced data features

Sports-focused data company Genius Sports has expanded its ongoing partnership with the National Football League (NFL) to revolutionise the way games are presented on its NFL+ streaming platform.

Genius Sports holds the exclusive role of the NFL’s data distribution platform, utilising its AI-powered technology to deliver real-time player data overlays during live broadcasts, enriching the viewer experience.

Building upon the original agreement initiated in 2021 and renewed earlier this year, Genius Sports will now introduce these data-rich enhancements to NFL+ broadcasts.

Viewers of live game broadcasts on NFL+ will have the privilege of choosing from two distinct data streams, each offering a unique perspective on player-related information. This includes insights into fantasy football scores, player locations, player route mapping and player speeds, among other intriguing metrics.

Genius Sports has also recently introduced a novel viewing mode called BetVision, designed to superimpose real-time sports betting odds onto the games being broadcast, providing viewers with an immersive sports betting experience.

“With the help of Genius Sports, we are able to deliver next generation viewing experiences to NFL+, providing fans the ability to see the game in different ways and bring them closer to the sport they love,” said Gil Moran, Vice President of Business Strategy and Operations for NFL Media.

In 2021, Genius Sports took over as the league’s data distributor, succeeding Sportradar. In the process, the NFL secured $450 million worth of stock in the company, solidifying their partnership.

This latest expansion of the NFL partnership comes amidst a wave of new and exciting collaborations for Genius Sports.

Most recently, the data firm joined forces with Premier League Productions (PLP), the in-house media division of the English Premier League, the top-tier soccer league in England.

This partnership will enhance live Premier League broadcasts in over 185 countries by introducing a live Premier League Data Zone viewing mode. It will incorporate statistics and tracking metrics during a featured match in each round, providing viewers with an enriched soccer experience.

Similar to their NFL+ offering, the Premier League Data Zone viewing mode will also integrate fantasy soccer rankings into the broadcast, highlighting the growing role of fantasy sports in the consumption of major sports leagues.

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