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Federal Budget’s Women’s Statement Commits $200 Billion To Boost Female Participation In Sport

Federal Budget’s Women’s Statement Commits $200 Billion To Boost Female Participation In Sport

In a move to bridge the gender gap in sports, the 2024 Federal Budget Women’s Statement has committed $200 million over four years to the ‘Play Our Way’ program.

Acknowledging the profound health, social, and economic advantages that women’s and girls’ participation in sports can bring, ‘Play Our Way’ is committed to the development of sporting infrastructure and facilities tailored to support women and girls, hoping to create a safe, inclusive, and sustainable environments that encourage lifelong participation in sports.

Despite the strides made, women and girls continue to encounter considerable obstacles in sport, stemming largely from socio-cultural factors like caregiving responsibilities, harassment, and a scarcity of role models. Figures reveal a stark disparity in participation, with only 33.6% of women aged 15 and over engaging in sports-related activities weekly, compared to 49.8% of men.

Recent events, however, have spotlighted the growing popularity of women’s sports. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, particularly the Matildas’ semi-final, broke Australian TV broadcasting records, igniting discussions about achieving parity and equality in sports. Looking ahead, Australia is set to host several major women’s sporting events, including the 2027 Netball World Cup, the 2029 Women’s Rugby World Cup, and the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, promising to further showcase women’s sporting excellence.

In a bid to institutionalse these changes, the Australian Government has also pledged substantial funding to the Australian Sports Commission. This includes the development of a National Gender Equity in Sport Governance Policy in partnership with all states and territories, aiming to augment the representation of women and gender-diverse individuals in key governance roles.

The government is also set to invest over $36.3 million between 2023–24 and 2027–28 to enable Sports Integrity Australia to boost their capabilities and launch new initiatives aimed at combating abuse, bullying, discrimination, and sexual misconduct in sports, with a particular focus on protecting women and girls.

You can read the full Women’s Budget Statement here. 

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