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Golf’s Popularity Surges Across Australia

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Golf’s Popularity Surges Across Australia

Golf continues to grow at grassroots levels, with skyrocketing popularity all across Australia.

In 2023, the number of competition rounds played at golf clubs and facilities across Australia reached 12,227,604, with 526,248 golfers taking part. This figure marks an increase of 15.9% from the previous year’s total of 10,546,459 rounds, highlighting the rising interest and enthusiasm for the sport.

The surge in participation is particularly evident among young golfers, with the number of competition rounds played by individuals aged 18 and under witnessing a remarkable 39% growth within a year. This trend bodes well for the future of golf, indicating a strong attraction among the younger demographic to engage in the game.

The growth of the sport is not limited to a specific region, as states like New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia all reported rises in competition rounds played, indicating a nationwide trend towards greater golf engagement.

Moreover, the substantial rise in junior competition rounds played underscores the inclusive nature of golf as a sport for all ages. The 39% increase in junior participation in 2023 reflects golf’s appeal as a lifelong activity, attracting individuals from diverse age groups and setting the stage for a promising future for the sport.

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