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Australia’s America’s Cup campaign partners with Musto and Bollé for 2024 Youth and Women’s Regattas


Australia’s America’s Cup campaign for the Youth and Puig Women’s regattas in 2024 has announced Musto as its official sailing clothing partner and Bollé as its eyewear partner. Musto and Bollé are globally recognised as leading brands in sailing and sports performance gear, known for their quality and technical innovation.

Musto, with its strong association with ocean racing and competitive sailing in Australia, will provide high-performance clothing and gear for Team Australia, the official entry for the Youth and Puig Women’s regattas in the 37th America’s Cup in Barcelona in 2024. This partnership will extend to on-water teams, shore clothing and product ranges, as well as merchandise for team supporters and a bespoke range for the Team Australia Fan Club.

David Oliver, Director of Musto Australasia, emphasised the acceleration of innovation in sailing gear, mirroring the advancements in high-tech foiling craft. The new AC40 yacht for the America’s Cup can sail up to four times faster than the wind, creating extreme conditions for athletes. Musto is committed to providing cutting-edge products that can withstand these new challenges and enhance the performance of athletes.

“It is not just about wetsuits and basic waterproofs anymore. The innovation needed now has seen us develop real world first products that have to handle an entire new set of conditions,” Oliver said.

“We have entered this market in real strength over the last few years and it is very clear now that just branding differently or making a cool sounding name up is not cutting it anymore. It is so good to be in a position to really add value to such a great campaign as this.

“Keeping our athletes more comfortable for longer periods and allowing them greater ranges of movement and give them more confidence in more extreme conditions is our goal and we can’t wait to help Australia take on the world.”

Bollé, known for its sporting performance eyewear, has also developed a line of high-tech safety glasses and on-water performance eyewear. Beyond safety, Bollé’s commitment to precision and attention to detail in athletes’ vision on the water makes it an exciting partner for the Team Australia Challenge squad.

Paul Schulz, Bollé Sports Australasian Sales Manager, expressed delight in supporting Team Australia in their America’s Cup challenge. Bollé will provide the latest marine glasses and lenses, including high-definition and polarised Volt+ lenses to ensure the team’s vision remains clear and undistorted, which crucial for navigating high-speed yachts in intense racing conditions.

Both Musto and Bollé place a strong emphasis on sustainability, aligning with the 2024 America’s Cup campaign’s partnership with the World Sailing Sustainability Agenda 2030. Musto has a history rooted in solving sailors’ protection challenges on the water, focusing on genuine research, development and sustainability in their product range. Their commitment extends beyond using recycled fabrics and includes a genuine respect for the ocean environment and sustainability in their product development.

Musto was founded in the 1960s by British Olympian Keith Musto, who pioneered the concept of sailors as high-performance athletes. His legacy includes advocacy for women in sailing, contributing to the success of pioneering sailors like Ellen MacArthur. Musto continues to build on this legacy, prioritising research, development and a growing focus on sustainability and environmental awareness.

The partnership with Musto and Bollé brings technical excellence, performance gear, and sustainability to Australia’s America’s Cup campaign for the Youth and Puig Women’s regattas in 2024, positioning the team to take on the world in this prestigious competition.

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