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AI now assisting Pickleball players improve their game with the launch of PB Vision

AI now assisting Pickleball players improve their game with the launch of PB Vision

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making significant waves since the debut of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022. Now, AI is continuing to expand its horizons into the world of sports.  This time with a focus on pickleball, currently the fastest-growing sport in America. PB Vision, an AI tool tailored for pickleball players, is one of the latest software platforms in the sports industry analysing the way the game is played.

While AI has traditionally been linked to tasks like language processing and content creation, developers are now exploring its versatility in various fields, including sports. Pickleball Vision AI LLC has successfully harnessed AI technology to benefit pickleball players by creating a specialised tool aimed at helping them analyse their gameplay and receive valuable insights for improvement.

PB Vision operates by harnessing computer vision algorithms and machine learning techniques to scrutinise video footage of pickleball matches. The process is straightforward, players set up a stationary camera, such as a smartphone on a tripod, positioned at least four feet above the ground to capture the entire pickleball court in the frame. Once the game is concluded and the video is recorded, it can be uploaded to PB Vision for analysis. The AI tool meticulously tracks player movement, ball trajectory, and other crucial elements of the game.

The potential advantages of PB Vision are substantial. It empowers players to identify their strengths and areas needing improvement by tracking a range of metrics, such as serve accuracy, return of serve success rate, and winning percentage. By thoroughly analysing opponents’ gameplay, PB Vision allows players to craft strategies and adapt their game plan accordingly. The AI tool offers feedback on shot selection and placement, assisting players in making more informed decisions about where and how to hit the ball.

PB Vision is an accessible and free resource that can benefit both novice and experienced pickleball players. It merely requires a smartphone and an internet connection, making it an easily accessible tool for anyone looking to enhance their pickleball skills and knowledge of the game.

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