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First Half of 2023 Shows Rise in MotoGP Viewership Numbers

First Half of 2023 Shows Rise in MotoGP Viewership Numbers

MotoGP, the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, has witnessed an impressive 20% surge in viewership during the initial 12 grand prix events this season.

With the first half of 2023 already surpassing last year’s metrics, not only has viewership grown, but there has also been a notable spike in on-ground race attendances. The newly introduced Saturday qualifying format has played a pivotal role, benefiting the entire race weekends and not just the grand prix Sundays.

Sprint qualifying sessions on Saturdays have not only attracted larger crowds but have also amplified the enthusiasm leading into Sunday races.

Out of the first 11 grand prix events, almost half have experienced an attendance surge of 30%. Only one race reported less than a “significant” increment in attendance.

Highlighting this trend, two yet-to-be-disclosed races reported a whopping 80% and 60% attendance surge throughout their race weekends.

Cumulatively, the first half of 2023 attracted 1.6 million spectators across the race weekends, marking a historic high for MotoGP at this juncture.

This remarkable growth not only signifies the sport’s rebound post the setbacks faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic in prior seasons but also underscores the continued momentum in viewership and attendance as 2023 unfolds.

In a recent announcement, Dorna Sports, the promoters of MotoGP, revealed that the 2023 season’s initial quarter set new audience records. Specifically, Saturdays, dedicated for qualifying, reported a 51% boost in attendees during this period.

A standout moment was the 2023 Grand Prix de France, celebrating MotoGP’s 1,000th race. This event saw an unprecedented 278,805 enthusiasts flocking to Le Mans over the weekend, setting an all-time high for the sport.

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