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Proposal Put Forward For German-Israeli Olympic Games Joint-Bid In A Sign Of Peace


President of the German Olympic Association, Richard Meng, and managing director of the 2018 European Athletics Championship in Berlin, Frank Kowalski, have joined together to propose a joint Olympic bid for Berlin and Israeli city, Tel Aviv.

The bid would be proposed for the 2036 summer games, which would mark the 100 year anniversary of the 1936 games, held under the Nazi Germany regime.

Both Meng and Kowalski feel the symbolism of the two cities in partnership would act as a sign of peace and reconciliation.

2036 are the next available Games, with Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, and most likely Brisbane all lined up to host the next four events respectively.

In a joint statement, written in the Berliner Morgenpost, both Meng and Kowalski said hosting these Games in a joint venture would hold high symbolism.

“This is truly a difficult date for Germany and Berlin after the Nazi Games of 1936,” Meng and Kowalski said.

“But it would be Europe’s turn in 2036, and then certainly not for a long time.

“It would be such a signal if Germany and Israel apply together, more precisely: Berlin and Tel Aviv.

“It’s a vision, nothing more.

“Germany is in the middle of the pandemic, faces a change in leadership in the federal elections and is currently quite far from long-term plans.

“Israel’s current Middle East policy remains difficult to integrate internationally, and there are no credible gestures of reconciliation in the immediate vicinity.

“Holding the Olympics in Berlin, 100 years after Hitler’s 1936 Olympics, will remind us all of the dark times we experienced and send a strong message to the world of the values we must uphold,” the statement said.

In a statement to German news agency, DPA, the Israeli Olympic Committee expressed support to host the 2036 Games, whilst Berlin did not comment on any potential bid.

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