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In Pursuit of Gold – Swimming Australia’s Dive into Data with AWS

In Pursuit of Gold – Swimming Australia’s Dive into Data with AWS

In the high-stakes realm of elite sports, mere milliseconds can etch a name into history. Swimming Australia, with their world-class high-performance unit, has consistently demonstrated their ability of their athletes to turn milliseconds into lasting legacies. At the recent World Championships in Fukuoka, the Dolphins didn’t just compete; they dominated. After eight rigorous days, they emerged as the No.1 swimming nation globally, amassing an astonishing 25 medals including 13 golds. This isn’t merely a new benchmark for the Australian team, but a resounding message: Australia is here to rule the waves. Notably, this marks the second time the Dolphins have bested the renowned powerhouse USA, a testament to their unwavering spirit and determination.

Behind these significant milestones are the insights of head coach Rohan Taylor, Jess Corones, the Head of Performance Insights and Olympic Campaign Lead, and a team of dedicated professionals. Together, they share a philosophy: Achieving records, gold medals, and personal bests hinges on a foundation of world-class support.

With this vision in mind, Swimming Australia formed a pivotal partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Embracing this collaboration, they delved deep into the intricate world of data, seeking insights to amplify their athletes’ potential. 

Jess Corones: Swimming Australia

When introduced to Amazon in 2019, Jess Corones had a simple association: “I thought of online shopping.” However, her perception rapidly shifted. An eye-opening video showcasing Amazon’s collaboration with Formula One led Corones to a singular realization: “I watched this video and thought, ‘this could be game-changing’.”

In this new era of aquatic chess, every nuanced move counts. Corones articulates, “We look at things like start time, time to 15 metres, time to change over… All that information goes into the data lake and databases for the coaches and analysts to review and make decisions.”

Pooling vast amounts of data into AWS’s cloud-based system, they unearthed sharper insights. Corones adds, “We talked about the best order for us to swim in, but could we also predict what the other teams were going to do? If you know someone is going to swim in the second leg of a relay, or anchor, or lead, you can find out who the best match might be, or engineer your team around that possibility.”

The outcomes to date have been exceptional. Tokyo witnessed Australia’s torrent of medals: nine golds, three silvers, and eight bronzes. The 2023 World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka further solidified the teams reputation. The teams gaze now turns to Paris, with high-performance planning already underway, ensuring that their meteoric success doesn’t wane.

Today, AWS stands tall as Swimming Australia’s tech titan. Corones beams with pride, “With AWS, we have been able to create tools that have impact, democratise data, having the best prepared coaches in the world with data.”

At the upcoming STWS conference, Jess Corones will take center stage, revealing the intricacies of the game-changing collaboration between Swimming Australia and AWS. This conference promises a deep exploration of the confluence between sports and business, providing attendees with invaluable insights and strategies to navigate this booming market. Position yourself at the forefront of sports innovation in Australasia. Secure your spot now STWS Conference Australia.

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