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2023 Super Bowl Betting Set For New Heights

2023 Super Bowl Betting Set For New Heights

Super bowl bets are projected to break a record across the US this year, with bettors spending over US$1.1 billion on wagers.

Now, with legal sportsbooks in 33 states and Washington, DC, this year’s event will be the most active year for Super Bowl betting as new access being why Super Bowl LVII will pass the US$947 million mark set in 2022.

The top five sports betting states, including Nevada and New York, could bring in more than US$621.9 million, which is 56.5% of the total amount.

Current projections have Nevada bringing in $176.2 million in bets this year, down 2.1% from the US179.8 million in 2022, however, the state will will stay in the number one spot.

Elsewhere, New York has jumped into second spot due to the introduction of legal online sportsbooks in the state, where bets may reach over US$161.6 million, compared to the US$150 million last year, only US$15 million shy of Nevada.

Looking at the home markets for both teams, Pennsylvania is currently sitting in sixth at US$65 million, however, the performance of Jalen Hurts and live wagering during the game may change the amount spent on betting.

Commenting on Pennsylvania’s sports betting market, Catena Media Lead Analyst, Eric Ramsey, said: “Pennsylvania has become a reliable workhorse for the US sports betting industry, seemingly unphased by launches in neighboring states and the effects of fatigue that are appearing in some mature markets.”

“It’s hard to quantify the impact of the Eagles’ participation as it relates to volume, but it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to see local operators blow this forecast out of the water,” he said.

With sports betting still being illegal in Missouri, residents have had to make the trip to Kansas to bet on the game, where the state sits in 17th with US$17.6 million being spent.

Finally, host state, Arizona, has seen US$63.1 million spent on Super Bowl wagers, placing them in seventh, as a result of legal online sports betting, however, the number could rise due to sportsbook, BetMGM, being located across the road from the State Farm Stadium.

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