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Global Sports Business and Tech Leaders to Converge for Australia Sports Innovation Week 2023

Global Sports Business and Tech Leaders to Converge for Australia Sports Innovation Week 2023

As Australia continues to cement its reputation as a hub for major international sporting events, Brisbane prepares to welcome approximately 1,000 delegates from the sports business and technology sectors for the Australia Sports Innovation Week 2023 (ASIW).

Spanning from Tuesday, 29th August to Friday, 1st September, ASIW positions itself as the paramount sports innovation gathering in the Southern Hemisphere. The event’s location, at the heart of Queensland’s capital, underscores Brisbane’s strategic role in the nation’s sports scene.

The cornerstone of the week is the Australia Sports Tech Conference on Thursday, 31st August. Attendees can anticipate a comprehensive exploration of pioneering topics through its agenda and keynote addresses.

Among the esteemed speakers this year, Matt Berriman of Mental Health Australia will discuss the crucial relationship between sports and mental health. Paul Devlin from AWS will outline the transformative impact of global sports on various stakeholders. Swimming Australia’s Jess Corones delves into data analytics tailored for coaching and athletic performance. Sportz Interactive’s Arvind Iyengar will highlight the IPL’s evolving fan engagement strategies.

Jenny Simpson, the CTO at Football Australia and Initial CEO of MEGA Events Innovation, will illuminate on creating societal value impact through the transformative power of digital technology. Meanwhile, James Watson from LIV Golf will educate attendees on the progressive broadcasting techniques altering our sports viewing experience.

Diversifying the conversation, the Japan Sport Council will discuss the journey from athletic excellence to holistic life achievement. Iris Cordoba of Microsoft GSIC will focus on fan engagement and immersive live match experiences. This will be complemented by insights from Ciaron Maher Racing discussing data analytics’ real-world applications in horse racing. Additionally, Reg Raghavan, CEO at CulturalPulse, will provide insights into how AI powered cultural analytics unlocks explosive growth potential in sport.

Another noteworthy feature of the Conference is the launch of the STWS Esports & Gaming Market Report 2023. This report, following the highly sought-after 2022 edition which garnered over 1000 downloads, offers an in-depth view of the global esports, gaming, and streaming sectors, enriched by expert foresight.

On the escalating enthusiasm surrounding this year’s conference, Andrew Walton, the Managing Director at STWS, commented, “The high level of interest for this year’s ASIW exemplifies the unparalleled insights the Sports Tech World Series offers into the very forefront of sports technology. Our Conference presents insights from experienced experts, equipping attendees with practical tools to enhance every facet of their operations by leveraging the latest innovative technologies.”

Highlighting the symbiosis between modern sports and technology, Andrew added, “The business of sport and the transformative power of innovative technology permeate every tier of the sports world. This extends from elite, professional leagues to grassroots initiatives where potential champions for 2032 are just beginning their journey. Our country is witnessing a profound shift as women’s sport gains greater recognition, propelled by the successes of the Matildas, the Diamonds, and our elite swimming and cricket teams. To sustain this ascent beyond 2023, it’s crucial we invest in technology and infrastructure, nurturing the next generation of athletic talent.”

Describing STWS’s overarching mission in collaboration with Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ), Walton said, “Our strategy was not just to host an event but to curate an experience that elevates the entire sports technology industry. We aim to create an ambiance where today’s and tomorrow’s sports industry leaders can forge transformative partnerships. These collaborations not only spur innovation and strategic growth but also promise a more vibrant Australian sports ecosystem. Moreover, our goal is to ensure delegates have the best experience and access to build meaningful relationships.”

Sports aren’t just a pastime in Australia; they’re a significant economic powerhouse. With the industry valued at an astonishing $32.2 billion in yearly sales and contributing approximately $14.4 billion to the nation’s GDP, it’s evident that the impact is both broad and profound. This sector not only drives enthusiasm on the field but also supports nearly 128,000 jobs, accounting for 1.5% of Australia’s full-time equivalent workforce. The upcoming STWS conference delves deep into this synergy of sports and business, providing attendees with insights and strategies to further tap into this booming market. Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of the industry’s future.

Secure your spot and join the forefront of sports innovation in Australasia. Register now on the official event website: https://stws.co/conference-australia/ 

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