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US 2031 And 2033 Rugby World Cups Would Cost $500 Million

USA rugby 2031 world cup

US 2031 And 2033 Rugby World Cups Would Cost $500 Million

With USA Rugby engaged in exclusive communication with World Rugby for the rights to host the 2031 Rugby World Cup, and the organisation pushing to also host the 2023 Women’s Rugby World Cup, the cost of the events has been revealed.

Speaking to media, USA Rugby World Cup bid chair, Jim Brown, has said the organisation expects to pay more than US$500 million to host the two events.

“The forecast and expense is generally understood between the potential host, us, and World Rugby of [being] in the half billion dollar mark, plus or minus a few,” Brown told media.

“That’s essentially where we currently sit.

“So we do have detailed budgets on all of this.

“Obviously, it’s a moving target depending on a variety of things but the general understanding is, plus or minus US$100 million, it’s about a half a billion dollar project for both of them,” he said.

USA Rugby originally intended to bid for the 2027 Rugby World Cup, along with the 2029 Women’s World Cup last year, before Australia was named the preferred host candidate for the 2027 event.

World Rugby CEO, Alan Gilpin, said the organisation would support the delivery of the events financially in the hopes of further developing the sport in the country.

“USA is absolutely primed to host exceptional Rugby World Cups and the productive meetings this week have reinforced that belief,” Gilpin said, after meeting with USA Rugby officials over the course of three days.

“The re-modelled hosting strategy allows us for the first time to target nations that are central to rugby’s global growth objectives and the USA is at the very heart of that objective.

“If we want to be globally relevant and strong as a sport, we must look to the likes of the USA.

“We are excited by confirmation of USA’s candidature for a women’s event in 2033, which allows us to develop a long-term hosting and growth plan in partnership with USA Rugby and other stakeholders that will help the nation and North America realise its rugby potential in every sense, which is in turn great for everyone in the game,” he said.

USA Rugby reportedly also revealed the funding for the delivery of the two events would be shared between USA Rugby, World Rugby, and the US Government, with the organisation currently trying to secure government funding.

The World Rugby Council is expected to decide on the hosting rights for four upcoming Rugby World Cups in May, including the 2025 Women’s Rugby World Cup, the 2027 Rugby World Cup, and the 2029 Women’s Rugby World Cup.

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