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Game Legal To Launch Free Advice Clinic

Game Legal To Launch Free Advice Clinic

Game Legal has announced the launch of the Game Legal Free Advice Clinic, in an effort to support individuals and organisations within the sports, entertainment and start-up industries.

Game Legal lawyer and consultant for sports, esports and pop culture, Mat Jessep, said the clinic will bring together a team of volunteers, including experienced sports and entertainment lawyers, new graduates, and top law students.

“While government sanctions are hurting many, including my business, individuals and organisations in some of the sectors my legal practice is focused on and dedicated to, sports, entertainment and start-ups, are hit particularly hard,” Jessep said in a statement.

“Individuals and organisations in these sectors may not qualify for the limited government stimulus measures or traditional forms of pro bono legal support, with many also struggling to understand their situation and options due to the carnage laid waste to the economy, uncertainty, and confusing messaging.

“As a result, due to and during the impact of the government sanctions in relation to COVID-19, to try and help out, Game Legal will provide one-off free legal advice to people and organisations in the sports, entertainment and start-up sectors on a range of commercial and corporate legal issues,” he said.

Game Legal has identified the qualifying matters they can advise on for eligible clients, including corporate and commercial legal issues, and governance, integrity and ethics matters.

Eligible clients will be provided with a review and consideration of the qualifying legal matter, then emailed basic advice with recommendations and options as appropriate to consider and then will receive a 15-minute follow-up video or telephone conference with one of the volunteers.

The team that will be delivering the Game Legal Free Advice Clinic include Christina Tran, Darren Boyd, Francis Awaritefe and Trent Evans, in addition to Jessep.

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