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FIFA World Cup Named Most Marketable Property In Global Sport

FIFA World Cup Named Most Marketable Property In Global Sport

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he FIFA World Cup has been ranked as the most marketable property in sport, according to SportsPro’s inaugural list of the World’s 50 Most Marketable Properties, powered by SponsorPulse.

The rankings see the International Soccer showpiece take number one spot, ahead of the Olympic Games and the NBA, while Spanish football giants Real Madrid and Barcelona finished fourth and fifth respectively.

The list ranks international sports properties, including leagues, teams, governing bodies and major events, according to SponsorPulse’s Opportunity Score – one universal currency that allows decision makers to instantly compare properties based on seven key metrics: engagement, intensity, momentum, passion, excitement, purchase consideration, and favourability.

SponsorPulse studies the perception of consumers across 18 of the largest markets worldwide to accurately determine people’s behaviours and emotions towards the property, and how they react to sponsors of said properties.

More than 250,000 people between the ages of 13 and 64 influenced the list, which saw a total of 185 global sports properties measured.

SportsPro’s 50 most marketable platform enables sports marketers to make sponsorship decisions more quickly and intelligently than ever by assessing where true value lies in sports marketing through the application of in-depth data analysis, social media monitoring, and consumer insights.

SportsPro’s editorial editor, Michael Long, said the platform helps show where value lies in sports marketing.

“Supported by three leading data companies, our newly expanded 50MM platform and dedicated content hub paints the most complete picture yet of where value lies in sports marketing – across athletes, brands and properties,” Long said.

“With the richer data sets and deeper insights provided by this year’s 50MM rankings, marketers working across all sports can easily identify where the real value lies in order to justify their spending decisions and maximise return on investment,” he said.

SponsorPulse global lead, Adam Mitchell, said: “SponsorPulse provides sponsorship professionals with the insights they need at their fingertips, enabling data-driven sponsorship decisions to be made faster.”

“Our service provides partners with the opportunity to assess the reach and impact potential of properties by geography, demographic, purchasing behaviour or digital usage behaviours, which leads to identifying targeted sponsorship opportunities and strengthening sponsorship returns,” Mitchell said.

Football accounts for seven of the top ten and 13 of the top 20 properties in the ranking.

League of Legends is the top-ranked esports property in the list, coming in ahead of the likes of Formula One, the Los Angeles Lakers, the NFL, WWE, and all four tennis Grand Slams.

World’s 50 Most Marketable Properties powered by SponsorPulse – the top ten:

  1. FIFA World Cup
  2. Summer Olympic Games
  3. NBA
  4. Real Madrid
  5. Barcelona
  6. Winter Olympics Games
  7. UEFA Champions League
  8. UEFA European Championship
  9. Manchester United
  10. Premier League
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