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Exclusive: Bioelectrical Technology Aiming To Improve Global Health


Exclusive: Bioelectrical Technology Aiming To Improve Global Health

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n an interview with Ministry of Sport, UK health-tech company, NuroKor BioElectronics Australian market general manager, Gemma Fitzsimons, discussed the organisation’s plans to revolutionise global health.

NuroKor, which operates across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, US, Ireland, France, Malaysia, and Norway, develops cutting-edge wearable technology using peripheral nerve, microcurrent, and neuromuscular stimulation that can help to manage pain, and optimise recovery and physical performance.

Fitzsimons explained how NuroKor products support more than 60 Olympians and elite athletes, as well as clinicians and everyday people, and plan to reduce the world’s reliance on medication.

“It’s the application of research that makes NuroKor unique,” Fitzsimons told Ministry of Sport.

“We harvest the best research and qualitative evidence for the effectiveness of nerve, neuromuscular, and microcurrent electrical stimulation therapies.

“We robustly review and apply this research to generate our specific frequency and waveform treatment formulations; programming them into innovative apps which can offer targeted, personalised treatment for a variety of conditions.

“The devices and accessories help to support athletes in four key areas essential in any sport or health and wellness program: manage pain, stimulate recovery, optimise performance, and aid rehabilitation,” she said.

mibody neurokor

mibody NuroKor

Focusing on the potential to improve global health, Fitzsimons said: “At NuroKor, our vision is to revolutionise patient outcomes, improve individual quality of life and transform not just healthcare, but also family health.”

“Australia is in a world of pain.

“Currently 3.37 million Australians are suffering with chronic pain, almost 14% of the population.

“This is set to rise to 5.23 million by 2050.

“For 56% of people, pain restricts what activities they can undertake, leading to social and mental health issues and decreased enjoyment of normal everyday activities.

“The unimaginable challenges brought about by this past year have meant the need for innovation in the healthtech space has never been greater.

“As more patients take self-care into their own hands, at NuroKor, we saw a huge shift in the way people approached their health and wellness.

“Driven largely by necessity as a direct result of the pandemic, many people were unable to access health and wellbeing services as freely, or in the same ways as they used to.

“As a result, there has been a surge in demand for at-home treatments, solutions and products that can help protect our health, both physically and mentally.

“At NuroKor, we saw our sales grow by 156% on the previous year.

“As training centres closed their doors, many of our athlete supporters reported using the technology with brilliant results at home, during the long periods of lockdown in the UK and Australia.

“We are a clinically-led company, much of our financial backing is from healthcare professionals – including surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists and pharmacists.

“Their medical knowledge is incredibly important to our success.

“They have insight on what is needed for the benefit of both patients and health care systems and how technology can be utilised and adopted.

“Bioelectronics, for instance, is one area of health tech that is growing rapidly – in fact, the global bioelectronics industry value is tipped to reach US$25 billion by 2023.

“Our healthcare professionals have seen first-hand how the technology can make a difference to people suffering from acute and chronic pain,” she said.

In targeting a shift away from traditional medicine, Fitzsimons said the technology provides an effective adjunct or alternative choice.

“NuroKor’s mission is to provide consumers with more choice and control in managing their pain, offering a viable solution to traditional forms of medical pain relief, which is often over-the-counter and prescription drugs,” Fitzsimons told Ministry of Sport.

“This easy-to-use, innovative technology offers an alternative choice and has been known to be highly effective in managing pain, optimising performance and promoting recovery – all in one portable device,” she said.

MiTouch NuroKor

mitouch NuroKor

For more information visit www.nurokor.com.au or email [email protected].

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