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Total Player Payment Agreement Set To Raise WNBL Player Salaries


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total player payment system (TPP) has been agreed upon by Basketball Australia (BA) and the Australian Basketball Players’ Association (ABPA) for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) seasons, setting a salary cap at $420 000.

In 2020, the league came to a historic collective bargaining agreement (CBA) whereby the minimum player payment in the WNBL was set at $13 500 for 2021/22 and $15 000 for 2022/23.

Players can now earn income additional to the CBA agreement through player appearances allowed for in the TPP.

BA’s head of women in basketball, Lauren Jackson, credits the work of players past and present in making the advancements towards professionalism possible.

“The progression towards a fully professional league is not only a nod to those incredible women who have come before and the current athletes who continue to make the league such an exciting and respected product, but to the future stars who aspire to play in the WNBL as the country’s sport of choice,” Jackson said.

“Having worked with the ABPA to announce the league’s inaugural CBA in 2020, the introduction of a TPP system not only signifies improved conditions for our athletes but is done in a way which is financially responsible and supports the goal of delivering equilibrium across the eight clubs to have the strongest league possible,” she said.

The TPP has included a “marquee player” allowance to support clubs in retaining top domestic talent, as well as a luxury tax, imposed on those who exceed the TPP in an effort to ensure equality among the league’s clubs.

ABPA CEO, Jacob Holmes, said the focus is building on the momentum gained from the CBA to help the future of professionalism in the game.

“The new WNBL TPP system provides for the highest average wage across the WNBL in recorded history, and significant increases in the mandatory minimum spend of each WNBL club,” Holmes said.

“We’re pleased to continue our work to advance the professionalism of the WNBL with the league and the clubs not only for the players today but for the future of the sport,” he said.

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