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Is It A Surprise Super Bowl LV’s Highest Paid Player, Tom Brady, Won The MVP?


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uper Bowl LV ended in Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback, Tom Brady, winning his fifth Super Bowl MVP in his seventh Super Bowl title at the age of 43.

With the win, Brady now has more Super Bowl titles than any NFL franchise, with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots both winning six titles in their history.

Brady also managed to rank as the highest paid player in the Super Bowl this year, bringing in an average annual salary of USD$25 million on his two-year contract.

Including bonuses Brady will receive from a wild card win, USD$750,000, an NFC Championship, USD$1.25 million, reaching the Super Bowl, USD$1.75 million, and winning the Super Bowl, USD$2.25 million, Brady is set to bring in more than USD$30 million for the 2020/21 season.

Despite ranking as the highest paid player in Super Bowl LV, Brady is tied for the 15th highest paid player in the NFL overall.

Following the game, Brady said: “This team is world champions forever, you can’t take it away from us.”

“We’re coming back,” the 43-year-old said when asked if he would return for another season in the NFL.

To win Super Bowl LV, Brady and the Buccaneers beat out the Kansas City Chiefs and their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who currently earns an average annual salary of USD$4.1 million.

However, Mahomes recently signed a record-breaking 10-year contract extension, which will see him bring in an average annual salary of USD$45 million from next season, before the addition of any bonuses.

In other NFL news, the league has announced a partnership with mobile game platform, Skillz to host a global game developer challenge.

The effort will give developers the opportunity to create an NFL-themed mobile game powered by Skillz’s esports platform with joint marketing support from the NFL and Skillz.

The competition will begin in 2021 and will see developers allowed to create all genres except for 11 versus 11 simulated games, due to the NFL’s exclusive rights deal with EA Sports for the Madden title, which is also made on mobile.

Skillz chief executive and founder, Andrew Paradise, said: “The NFL is an iconic brand that is synonymous with American sports, and Skillz is thrilled to help power their esports competitions on mobile.”

NFL vice president of gaming and esports, Rachel Hoagland, said the competition could open the league for another revenue stream with the rise of mobile gaming among NFL fans.

“Mobile gaming continues to be an important platform to reach and engage new and existing fans,” Hoagland said.

“Our agreement with Skillz provides access to a trusted platform and a highly engaged player base, making Skillz and ideal partner long term,” she said.

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