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SportsGrad Filling Roles At AFL, Cricket Australia And Netball Australia


Sports podcast and online community, SportsGrad has revealed its SportsGrad Community platform has seen the AFL, Cricket Australia, and Netball Australia all hire or further develop SportsGrad members within a month of its launch.

The SportsGrad Community, which is hosted on Discord, runs online events including Speed Networking, Job Fairs and Webinars featuring leaders across Australian sport with the hope of helping young people begin their careers in sport business at some of Australia’s largest sporting organisations.

The company has also recently begun working directly with sporting organisations to help connect them with potential candidates for exclusive positions, including Netball Australia.

Discussing the work with SportsGrad, Netball Australia general manager of people & culture, Kimberlee Furness, said: “We joined the SportsGrad Community for recruitment and professional development for the future leaders in the sports industry.”

“Traditional Recruitment takes anywhere from four-six weeks.

“This process weeds out the undesirable candidates in the market and is fast, effective and such a breath of fresh air.

“To any other organisations thinking of joining, this is an incredible opportunity to market directly to the right candidate pool.

“We’re beyond thrilled to partner with SportsGrad,” Furness said.

On the growth of the platform, SportsGrad co-founder, Reuben Williams, who recently spoke with Ministry of Sport on the opportunity ahead for the organisation, said the first month of SportsGrad Community has seen sports professionals from general managers to coordinators across 22 organisations join.

“We’re stoked that so many organisations have seen the value in what we offer,” Williams said.

“In less than a month, the AFL, Cricket Australia, Netball Australia, and even my beloved Hawthorn Football Club have jumped into hire grads and offer PD to staff.

“My experience of finding a job in sport as a student was extremely tough and exhausting.

“But once I built the right relationships, I found opportunities at Cricket Australia and the ICC T20 World Cup that changed my life.

“Now students can tap into a supportive network of people who want to see great people find great opportunities.

“For organisations, I’ve seen NSOs recruit casual staff from the local cricket clubs of senior managers for the sake of time.

“Our community means they can do their fast hiring from a pool of people who are driven to build a career in sport…

“Members are tapping into a network that would typically take a decade to build.

“It’s really exciting to think about where these connections will lead over the next 5-10 years as we grow in Australia and around the world, and how it will increase the quality of people entering the sports industry.

“If we can empower the people powering sport, then the world is going to a much better place,” he said.

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