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Sports Integrity Australia CEO David Sharpe Announces Resignation


Sport Integrity Australia CEO David Sharpe has announced he will be stepping down in August.

Assuming the role of the first CEO of Sport Integrity Australia in 2020, Mr. Sharpe was instrumental in overseeing the establishment of the agency. With a background in leading the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and possessing a 30-year tenure in the AFP, Mr. Sharpe has been a cornerstone in the sports integrity landscape.

In expressing his gratitude, Mr. Sharpe highlighted the exceptional dedication and talent of the agency’s staff. Their unwavering commitment has been pivotal in constructing a foundation that promotes fairness, safety, and inclusivity across all sports.

“I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire team at Sport Integrity Australia for approaching your responsibilities with such passion and dedication each day,” he conveyed. “Our collective efforts have yielded significant milestones in safeguarding individuals within the realm of sports, notably the establishment and execution of a National Integrity Framework to govern all sporting activities in Australia.”

Reflecting on Australia’s sports landscape, Mr. Sharpe acknowledged the substantial progress made during his tenure.

“Recognising the pivotal role of sports administrators across Australia in driving transformative change to safeguard all participants in sports. I have consistently advocated for a collaborative approach to fortifying the integrity of sports, and the National Integrity Framework underscores the success of this unified effort.”

The accomplishments of the agency underscore the significance of partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from athletes to sports organisations, law enforcement agencies, and the Federal Government.

Further details regarding the interim CEO succession plan will be announced in the coming weeks.

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