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Rugby Australia Commits $2 Million Toward Women’s Professionalisation

Rugby Australia Commits $2 Million Toward Women’s Professionalisation

Rugby Australia (RA) has confirmed a AUD$2 million investment into the development of women’s rugby over the next five years, as Australian women’s rugby heads toward a professional future.

Alongside the Rugby Union Players Association (RUPA), Rugby Australia has signed a new collective bargaining agreement, introducing centralised, part-time contracts for the first time.

The proposal was endorsed by Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, announcing the historic step by Rugby Australia.

Some key points from the planned staged increase in investment over the next five years include:

  • Up to 35 players will be contracted across three tiers, with the potential to earn between AU$30,000 and AU$52,000 in RA payments for Wallaroos and Super W participation combined in 2023.
  • Contracts for both international Wallaroos players and the Super W domestic league.
  • A parenting and pregnancy guideline–  contracted Wallaroos players will still receive their full contract amount for the year while on maternity leave.
  • All Super W players to receive an RA-funded minimum payment of AU$4,000, in addition to club payments for the five-rounds-plus-Finals Super W season.
  • Super W clubs may contribute payments over and above minimum RA payments.
  • Funding to cover new investment into High-Performance programs at Super W clubs.

Commenting on the CBA, RA Chair, Hamish McLennan, said: “Rugby Australia has committed additional funding into women’s Rugby this year and is pushing hard for further investment and corporate support.”

Rugby Australia CEO, Andy Marinos, added: “With this new investment, the new provisions included in the CBA for the first time, and additional funds in the pipeline, we have a clear vision for the future of the game.”

“This is just the beginning – we still have a lot of work to do, but this is far and away the largest investment that we have ever made into women’s Rugby.

“We are determined to continue the growth in coming years to ensure that our goals become a reality,” he said.

This announcement comes after Rugby Australia extended a partnership with NZ Rugby until 2030.

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