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Rudy Gobert Invests In Metaverse Start-Up

Rudy Gobert Invests In Metaverse Start-Up

NBA star, Rudy Gobert, has just invested in Trendex, an innovative start-up that allows fans to share in the success of future talents.

The news comes as a significant boost for the company, which has been making waves in the world of sports and entertainment.

Trendex has developed a unique platform that allows fans to buy limited-edition licensed cards that represent the careers of future talents.

The value of the cards grows with the career of the talent they represent, giving fans a chance to profit from their passion while supporting the next generation of stars.

As an investor and ambassador for Trendex, Rudy Gobert will bring his experience as an athlete to help the company identify and support the next generation of talents.

He will also be a key part of the company’s efforts to expand its reach across the Atlantic and into new markets.

Commenting on his investment, Gobert, said: “I am delighted to join Trendex as an investor and ambassador of the platform.”

“Trendex offers sports fans a great opportunity to take part in the success of the talents they believe in. Helping to identify the next major figures in the sport while helping to grow the platform is a great challenge to take up,” he said.

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