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Rebecca McCloy Speaks Ahead Of Women In Sport Summit 2021


Rebecca McCloy Speaks Ahead Of Women In Sport Summit 2021

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head of the upcoming Women in Sport Summit 2021 at USC Stadium on the Sunshine Coast, presented by Ministry of Sport in association with Sunshine Coast Council, Fox Sports Australia commercial director for sport, Rebecca McCloy, discussed the importance of the event.

McCloy, who was recently confirmed as a guest speaker for the upcoming event, said the room will be filled with many faces that work to drive change for women’s sport and inspire women to Rise Up!

“I’m really looking forward to being part of the Women in Sport Summit on the beautiful Sunshine Coast,” McCloy said.

“I’ve been very fortunate over the past 15 years to deal with hundreds of sports across the globe and so I’m really looking forward to sharing my unique perspective I’ve had on the rise of women’s sport, sharing some of my learnings and observations, and being part of the conversation.

“Most of all, I’m really looking forward to being in the room with so many that I work with in this space, and so many new faces that are helping to drive amazing change and really inspiring women to rise up,” she said.

Speaking of the role of Fox Sports, owned by the Foxtel Group, McCloy said: “Foxtel, for as long as I’ve been involved, which has been the last decade, has been at the forefront of driving and showcasing women’s sports.”

“For 10 years, we’ve driven the widest variety of women’s sports and showcased them before it became a trend, before it became known as a movement.

“We also speak to the most number of sports subscribers, so we have a really important role in converting the sport subscribers, which are traditionally men.

“So many people that watch women’s sports are men, not women, and I think that’s one of the things for them to grow and professionalism to be sustainable, we need to convert all those sports subscribers and not just target women.

“That’s where Foxtel has a massive role to play.

“I see every sport coming in and showing me their different strategies on what they’re trying to do for women’s sports; I see it globally.

“You start to see a lot of trends and people that are doing it well and people that are falling behind.

“We have a really unique perspective to see and show brands and sponsors that they can get momentum and really start the cycle because some are doing it beautifully well.

“What they’ve achieved over the last five years is unbelievable and then you’ve got others still looking around wondering what they should do.

“Some people want to just tick a box, and say they’ve done it, and then there’s others investing properly and getting momentum.

“I think I’m in a very privileged position to be able to talk to all these sports and see what’s happening in other markets around the world.

“We’re doing a good job here, but there’s a heap to go,” she said.

The Women in Sport Summit 2021 is set to take place on 25 June at USC Stadium on the Sunshine Coast, click here to purchase tickets.

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