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PwC Sports Survey Suggests 3.3% Sector Growth In Post-COVID-19

PwC Sports Survey Suggests 3.3% Sector Growth In Post-COVID-19

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has released the results of their 2020 sports survey, proposing 3.3% growth across the sector over the next three-five years.

In its fifth edition, the perception-based survey focused on the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the industry.

Speaking to Ministry of Sport, Global PwC, director of sports business advisory, David Dellea said while projected growth is down from 8% in the last five years, the results of the survey are positive.

“The sector has been hit hard, there is a huge gap,” Dellea told Ministry of Sport.

“However, many forecasts predicted no growth at all.

“While regions can’t be compared, the sporting sector is robust and will drive long term growth,” he said.

The survey suggests the sports sector is moving away from being an event-driven industry and the future of the sector lies in memberships and digital media.

Dellea said the industry is beyond the physical manifestation of sports.

“The sector needs to engage with fans on a continuous basis,” Dellea said.

“Provide benefits to members and provide content they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, such as social integration, multiple camera angles and behind the scenes content.

“The ability to augment the experience through digital media will generate revenue,” he said.

Dellea also believes there’s still a lot that can be achieved with shared services within non-strategic areas of the industry, such as finance and human resources.

He praised the Australian sports sector for its progressive attitude.

“Australia is a region that the rest of the world should pay attention to, the country really tries to be ahead of the game in addressing certain parts of the sports sector,” Dellea told Ministry of Sport

To hear the full conversation with Ministry of Sport founder, Ben Parsons, click here.

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