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New Speaker Announcement: Breeanna Brock To Speak At WIS Summit 2021


Rise Up! with Ministry of Sport, in association with Sunshine Coast Council, have announced Brisbane Lions AFLW CEO, Breeanna Brock, as a speaker at the upcoming Women in Sport Summit (WIS) 2021.

Taking place at the home of the Sunshine Coast Lightning, USC Stadium, on Friday 25 June, the Women in Sport Summit 2021 promises exclusive access, coveted conversations and game changing discussions, all while inspiring women to rise up and dream, believe, create and succeed.

Fulfilling her role as CEO since 2016, Brock has been instrumental in developing the Brisbane Lions women’s team and enhancing the club in the AFLW.

Brock has over 19 years of experience in the sector including positions as a club co-ordinator and female programs co-ordinator for AFL Queensland.

Speaking on the announcement, Brock said she was excited to be attending the summit and to exchange ideas.

“I think it just gives another platform, another forum for people to have really interesting conversations about where women’s sport is headed,” Brock said.

“[Women’s sport] has come in leaps and bounds but we’ve still got a long way to go,

“From working a long time in female sport, the biggest things that sometimes I get out of these days is just feeling a bit re-energised, seeing other people out there challenging the same status quos and having the same struggles as me, and getting energised by that.

“So, I hope if I can energise someone to keep going and push that little bit harder and maybe make that next breakthrough then that’s what I can hope for,” she said.

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For tickets to the Women in Sport Summit 2021, click here.

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