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NBL In Talks With Victoria, NSW And South Australia Over 2021 Hub

NBL In Talks With Victoria, NSW And South Australia Over 2021 Hub

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he NBL is currently in discussions with the governments of Victoria, NSW, and South Australia over the establishment of a COVID-safe hub for the 2021 NBL season.

With the season currently scheduled for a January 15 start after recently being pushed back from December due to COVID-19, the league is planning on releasing a draft season schedule this month.

As part of the plans to start the season, the NBL is hopeful they won’t need to set up a hub to play out the season, but reports suggest Victoria is the favourite to host the season if the hub is required.

NBL commissioner, Jeremy Loeliger, confirmed the NBL has been in talks with State Governments over a potential hub, but he is hopeful Australia’s state borders will be open by January 15, meaning the hub won’t be needed.

“We need an emergency plan that includes a hub in some way if necessary,” Loeliger said.

“I think it would be complacent assuming we didn’t need a hub, and we’d look pretty silly if we needed one during the season and didn’t sort something in advance.

“We’re starting to build trust that there is real light at the end of the tunnel.

“As the valley was raised, we are still a long way from being completely out of the first and we are very much aware that we have experienced the virus firsthand here in Victoria.

“The start of the season is still three months away and hopefully the best part of a six-month season, but we can’t be complacent and have to plan very carefully,” he said.

Hawks owner, Dorry Kordahi, told alKhaleej Today the situation could change any day due to the uncertainty of COVID-19.

“It was difficult for us to restart the club, but I’m talking to the league and I’m hoping for some answers,” Kordahi said.

“If we start the season on January 15th, we have to plan at least six weeks in advance.

“If we have a schedule to work with, we can give our fans a chance to see how the season is going.

“With the pandemic, things can change week by week, but right now, we are getting some positive news.

“We all hope that all national borders will be open by January, then we will have a pleasant season at home,” he said.

Due to the easing restrictions in Victoria over recent weeks, and the need for the State to host sporting events after missing out on multiple major events like the AFL Grand Final recently, Victoria is looking like the State showing the most interest in hosting an NBL 2021 hub.

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