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NBA’s Personalised Streaming Service


The National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced a new way to experience the game with personalised streaming, where every angle, commentator and advertisements is customisable.

The NBA launched their streaming service in April 2020, which promised to use artificial intelligence to enhance the viewing experience of each game.

This new smart feature will be fully unveiled next year just in time for the 2022-2023 season.

The platform will not only include live and on-demand games, but allow fans to access a wide range of player data and historical archives in great depth.

The NBA aims to use this platform to allow fans to get closer to the game creating more engagement and higher customer satisfaction.

NBA head of global strategy and innovation, Matt Wolf, said:” There is a segment of fans that wants a much deeper connection to the stats in our game.”

“We’re now able to deliver to fans, in a very visual way, a new way of thinking about the game that’s beyond the traditional box score.” Said Wolf.

3D spatial cameras will be installed in qll NBA arenas to collect every detail of players and ball movements.

Biometric testing is currently being used on certain fans to determine what excites them and how they respond to different elements of the game.

This data will then be used to determine exactly what drives fan engagement to provide the best possible experience for viewers.

NBA’S chief technology officer, Krishna Bhagavatula, said the aim is “to create truly delightful experiences for our fans in a way that engages them and hopefully leads to monetization opportunities.”

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