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MyGolf Program Reaches Record Numbers in 2023/24


Australian golf’s junior introductory program, MyGolf, has achieved record-high participation numbers for the 2023/24 financial year. Over 100,000 Australian children have joined the program to start their golfing journey.

The MyGolf program registered 36,643 participants, while the MyGolf Schools program saw 72,983 participants, indicating a significant rise in junior golf’s popularity in Australia. MyGolf offers golf lessons to children, promoting the sport through games and activities designed to be fun and foster friendships.

MyGolf Schools integrate these programs into school curriculums nationwide, with 635 programs conducted throughout the year. This is the first time the number of participants has exceeded 70,000.

The combined participation in MyGolf and MyGolf Schools has increased by 10% from the previous year. David Gallichio, Golf Australia’s General Manager of Golf Participation, expressed pride in the program’s growth. “With MyGolf turning 10 this year, we are thrilled to mark this milestone with record participation. Junior golf is thriving across the country, as reflected in these results and the growth in junior club memberships,” said Gallichio.

Gallichio also noted plans to continue this growth over the next year, aiming to expand MyGolf programs further across clubs, facilities, and schools nationwide.

PGA Members and Associates manage over 85% of MyGolf programs across Australia. Their contributions, along with those of clubs and facilities, are crucial to the program’s success. This year, 58 new facilities have joined, bringing the total to 471, the highest ever for MyGolf.

James Sutherland, CEO of Golf Australia, highlighted the broader trends in golf reflected by MyGolf’s growth. “The continued increase in participation is encouraging, with more Australian kids taking up golf. The sport is evolving, and programs like MyGolf are essential for introducing juniors to the game in an engaging and fun way. Our junior golfers are the future of golf in Australia,” Sutherland said.

The growth of MyGolf and MyGolf Schools signals a positive outlook for the future of golf in Australia.

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