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LaLiga Enter Web3 Partnership With StadioPlus

LaLiga Enter Web3 Partnership With StadioPlus

Spanish football league, LaLiga, has announced a partnership with tech company, StadioPlus, which overseeing the connection of the sports industry and Web3 and blockchain, Vegas City Limited.

The agreement gives StadioPlus the rights to licensing and use of logos and other LaLiga trademarks, while Vegas City Limited will manage the technical aspect of the partnership by using blockchain and Web3 technology to add a LaLiga experience to their platform, Decentraland.

The partnership aims to appeal to a new audience for LaLiga, giving fans greater engagement and new opportunities through Decentraland.

Decentraland CEO, Agus Ferreira, elaborated: “Part of Decentraland’s vision is to enable and create experiences for all types of people.”

“We believe that sport is an incredible opportunity to showcase the possibilities of Web3 and decentralisation.

“That’s why we are delighted to be working with StadioPlus on the inclusion of LaLiga in Decentraland, to bring the competition, which has hundreds of millions of fans around the world, to the metaverse,” he said.

Additionally, experiences will be available to fans, including creating personal avatars to socialise and interact with other participants, with a collectables and trading aspect also being planned.

The announcement comes after LaLiga entered a partnership with Stats Perform to improve fan experiences using official data and live streaming.

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