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Jeff Browne Challenges For Collingwood Presidency


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eff Browne, former channel nine executive and reported close friend of Eddie McGuire, has announced he will challenge for the presidency of Collingwood Football Club.

Current president, Mark Korda, has only been in power since April and warned that Browne’s move to take over was “not in the best interest of the club.”

The Herald Sun reports Browne is seeking to negotiate a handover of four of the board’s seven seats.

“Collingwood is a great club and strong and united leadership is critical if we are to move beyond our current malaise,” Brown told The Herald Sun.

“There is a growing wave of support from members for change and this change must begin with a refresh at board level,” he said.

Support for change reached a head when 40-year Collingwood member, David Hatley, organised a petition calling for the club to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at which members could have a say in the leadership of the club.

Fox Sports estimates Hatley needs a minimum of 750 of the club’s 15,000 voting members to sign the petition.

Speaking on AFL360, Herald Sun chief football writer, Mark Robinson, said Korda rejected Browne’s request to be added to the board, but then appointed Dr Bridie O’Donnell, who’s ineligible to vote.

“It’s only my opinion – but Korda’s days are numbered,” Robinson said.

“I think if he doesn’t agree to what Jeff Browne wants the club will be blown up, they’ll go to an EGM and [the current board will] be swept out,” he said.

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