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How Dr Pepper Used College Football Marketing to Surpass Pepsi

How Dr Pepper Used College Football Marketing to Surpass Pepsi

This week, it was revealed that Dr Pepper has officially secured the position of the second most populated carbonated soft drink in the United States.

As it has looked to differentiate itself from cola wars stalwarts Coke and Pepsi, Dr Pepper has embraced its identity as a disruptor with a one-of-a-kind taste that provides consumers a treat and creates connections between them. In the last few years, its marketing has walked the tightrope between being consistent and breaking the rules.

A pivotal aspect of Dr Pepper’s recent success has been its strategic use of college football marketing. Since 2014, Dr Pepper has been the first official sponsor of the college football playoff, setting the stage for its long-term association with the sport. This partnership has allowed Dr Pepper to tap into the passionate college football fan base, aligning its brand with the excitement and tradition of the sport.

“Fansville,” a parody of high school sports dramas like “Friday Night Lights,” launched in 2018 and has become a cornerstone of Dr Pepper’s advertising strategy. The campaign, created with Deutsch LA, features an ongoing story about football-obsessed fans in a fictional town. Now in its seventh season, “Fansville” has consistently engaged audiences with its humorous and relatable content, featuring player partnerships and creative advertising. This year, Dr Pepper teamed up with Heisman trophy-winning quarterback Caleb Williams to release “FANicures,” a nail polish kit inspired by Williams’ gameday tradition, showcasing the brand’s ability to integrate authentic sports culture into its marketing.

College football continues to be a fertile creative space that allows Dr Pepper to connect with fans around whatever is driving conversations in the sport. The brand’s involvement in sports marketing not only enhances its visibility but also deepens its connection with a diverse and passionate consumer base.

In a dynamic soft drink market characterised by evolving consumer preferences and a drive towards healthier options, Dr Pepper stands out with its diverse flavour offerings. New variants like Strawberries & Cream and Creamy Coconut have proven to be successful in capturing consumer interest and driving sales growth. Dr Pepper’s agile marketing model, deeply rooted in consumer loyalty and responsiveness, has enabled the brand to seize emerging opportunities swiftly. By leveraging social media trends like the viral Dr Pepper with pickles craze through platforms like TikTok, Dr Pepper showcases its ability to adapt and engage with consumers in real-time. This agility, alongside a dedicated team and streamlined processes, empowers Dr Pepper to navigate the competitive landscape effectively, positioning itself as a formidable player alongside industry giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

As Dr Pepper continues to drive innovation and maintain a delicate balance between tradition and disruption, the brand’s collaborative approach with partners, distributors, and stakeholders reinforces its commitment to collective success across the value chain. By staying true to its essence and embracing consumer-centric strategies, Dr Pepper is poised to uphold its legacy and drive continued growth in the ever-evolving beverage market.

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