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Exclusive: Fan Plus Founder Breaks Down TEG Takeover

Exclusive: Fan Plus Founder Breaks Down TEG Takeover

In an exclusive interview for the ‘Brand Break’ series, Fan Plus founder and CEO, Rod Harys, discussed the TEG takeover and their plan for the future.

The TEG Takeover:

The TEG takeover of Fan Plus allows them to gain access to a lot more content and inventory for their business, which Harys said is exciting.

Additionally, he said TEG is operating over 30 brands across 40 countries in six different contents, which is like plugging the company into a larger engine with the ultimate goal of providing more fans with greater money can buy experiences.

Increased resources:

Commenting on the increased marketing resources and if it will change their approach, Harys, said: “What the acquisition means for us is we’ve now got more eyeballs and more experiences, we’ve obviously got more resources looking at Fan Plus and helping us grow.”

“We were a very small, lean team and our marketing was very lean at best. We’ve now got a large marketing team that we’re going to have access to, which will help us grow, offer new ideas and help us recreate our marketing plans for the future.

“There’s no doubt there will be change in our marketing and now that we’re going to be looking at more inventory across entertainment, that marketing is obviously going to change in line with what we’re marketing.

“So, we’ve got some of the best brains in the business and we want to learn from them. We’re certainly open and wanting to change to if that’s going to push sales and help us grow our sales channels,” he said.

Plans for international expansion:

On their plans for international expansion, Harys said that TEG operating, 30 brands in 40 countries, provides an opportunity to scale internationally, where they previously had limitations on how fast they could scale outside of Australia, but in the short term they’re focused on getting Australia right, which they haven’t fully covered yet.

“We’re very east coast heavy with our business and that’s purely because of the landscape of the major codes being along the east coast of Australia, so there’s still a lot we want to cover within our within our own country,” Harys said.

“But having that opportunity now with TEG operating in so many different countries, it gives us that ability to scale a lot quicker and get our brand expanded into Europe and North America.

“Travels is also big part of our business moving forward, because most of the time when people travel, they want to tick something off their bucket list which could be a major sporting event, whether it’s a Manchester United game or Dallas Mavericks game or LA Lakers game, it’s on a lot of people’s bucket list to see a major sporting event overseas, because they are the biggest in the world,” he said.

Harys also said that having experiences that fans can tick off their bucket lists will help solidify their position in the market.

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