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Coke, Budweiser No Show Super Bowl Ads

Coke, Budweiser No Show Super Bowl Ads

Coca-Cola will not be present in the 2022 Super Bowl for the second year in a row.

In 2020 the brand spent $10 million on ads during the Super Bowl, compared to the $4.25 billion in 2019 and $4.11 billion in 2018,  highlighting the companies shift.

This will give competitor, Pepsi to have little to no rivalry during the game and half time show.

In November 2021 Coca-Cola changed their global marketing network partner to WPP in an attempt to modernise the brand.

Over the past couple of years the company has face pressue to create less sugary drinks that are healthier.

This led to the brand acquiring healthier drink companies such as Smartwater and Aha sparking water.

However, Coca-Cola are not the only company to skip the Super Bowl.

For the first time in 37 years Budweiser will not be running commercials during the 2022 Super Bowl.

In a statement Budweiser announced the historic decision: “For the first time in 37 years, we aren’t running a commercial during the Super Bowl.

“Instead, we’re helping to safely bring America back together again soon.”

The increased cost of running ads during the super bowl is a major factor many traditional advertisers will not be promoting their company during the event, with many choosing to invest elsewhere.

If you feel like you have the need for a skip down memory lane we found this to keep you warm and fuzzy.

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