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Chiropractors Partner And Endorse SUPACORE’s Patented Medical Compression

Chiropractors Partner And Endorse SUPACORE’s Patented Medical Compression

The Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) has announced a new partnership with leading sports technology brand SUPACORE, endorsing their patented medical grade range of compression wear.

Based in Melbourne, Australia and founded in 2012, SUPACORE has become increasingly known globally for its innovative compression technology and has worked alongside elite athletes and sporting clubs including the English Premier League, NHL, NFL, AFL, NRL and A-League.

SUPACORE’s unique range of TGA approved products have been developed alongside leading medical practitioners and sports medicine professionals, enhancing the performance of athletes worldwide by preventing common hamstring, lower back, groin and hip injuries, stabilising the essential core muscles and speeding up the recovery process.

This unique technology, CORETECH™, uses medical grade compression to replicate the body’s own deep stability system by providing optimal placement of external compressive forces throughout the pelvis and has allowed athletes affected by osteitis pubic to return to the game in two or three months, instead of six months, which had previously been the norm.

The technology was registered with an international patent and trialled over 7 years in collaboration with sports physiotherapists and elite clubs including Sydney Swans, Queens Park Rangers, Melbourne Victory and LA Galaxy.

With the cost of injury in sport valued at $5b in 2017, SUPACORE’s endorsement by the ACA will work towards reducing and preventing groin, hamstring, hip and osteitis injuries among its members, without the need for surgery or medication.

“We want to ensure that Australia’s health practitioners have the best technology at their fingertips which is why we are excited to be collaborating with ACA,” SUPACORE CEO, Lesley Abeysekera said.

SUPACORE has also developed a range to assist women suffering hip, back and groin stress during pregnancy, and aid in their recovery post-partum.

“We have a pipeline of innovation in the works to combat injury prevention, which includes body scanning technology, posture correction and resistance compression so the endorsement from the ACA is an important step towards supporting the weekend warriors in addition to the elite athletes and clubs around the world.”

The unique seamless knitting technology used in the SUPACORE range mimics kinesiology taping techniques and provides micro-massaging of muscle groups whilst the body is in motion.

“The ACA looks forward to the partnership with Supacore to enable our members to assist their patients in achieving health and/or sporting outcomes,” added ACA CEO, Dr. Matthew Fisher.

The English Premier League paid out £217m in wages alone to injured players in 2017 and SUPACORE plans to help clubs reduce these figures with their patented compression technology.


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