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AMPSEA Formed To Support Potential $1.1 Billion Economy Hole

AMPSEA Formed To Support Potential $1.1 Billion Economy Hole

More than 250 organisations involved in Australia’s mass participation sporting event industry have joined forces to create the Australian Mass Participation Sporting Event Alliance (AMPSEA).

AMPSEA will work with all levels of government to support the industry and protect the $1.1 billion that these events provide for the Australian economy each year.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, more than 8,500 mass participation sporting events have been cancelled or postponed, leaving the national economy with a large gap across multiple industries as a result.

AMPSEA executive member and Spartan Australia & New Zealand managing director, Chris Heverin, said the resumption of mass participation sporting events is critical to Australia’s COVID-19 recovery process.

“Each year, 3.4 million Australians participate in fun runs, marathons, ocean swims, community cycling events, triathlons and challenging obstacle course racing,” Heverin said.

“These mass participation sporting events bring people together, benefit public health, create 11,000 jobs, drive growth in regional economies and raise $70 million each year for over 2,500 charities.

“Our industry was one of the first to close when the pandemic hit and at this stage will be one of the last to reopen,” he said.

IRONMAN Group Oceania senior vice president and managing director, Dave Beeche, who also organises the Sun-Herald City2Surf and 24 other Australian sports events, said the purpose of AMPSEA is to return to action while maintaining a flattened COVID-19 curve.

“The Australian Mass Participation Sporting Events Alliance was formed by a group of industry leaders to bring us together as we battle through the financial impacts of the COVID- 19 pandemic,” Beeche said.

“Our purpose is to find a way to return to the delivery of mass participation sporting events while we maintain a flattened COVID-19 curve.

“Much like the rest of the country our industry is hurting with major event organisers down 99% in comparison year on year.

“Government assistance will avoid significant job losses and enable our industry to get back to what we do best, delivering events that have a positive impact on individuals and communities across Australia,” he said.

Pont3 CEO, Wayne Larden, added the industry needs the government to step in to ensure the future of the visitor economy.

“Like many industries in Australia, the mass participation sporting event industry is in financial crisis,” Larden said.

“What makes our industry unique is that, with the forced cancellation of most mass participation sporting events so far this year and that extending even further, our cash flow has been stopped completely and community confidence in attending large events has been shattered.

“Many popular events with long and proud histories do not have the financial reserves to weather this crisis alone and we are asking government to partner with us to get the industry back up and running and ensure the future of the visitor economy,” he said.

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