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Adidas Commitment Expands Audience: Impossible is Nothing


Adidas has significantly increased its investment into woman’s sport, by launching its new Impossible is Nothing Campaign.

The campaign will include female activewear and athletic footwear to encourage women and those a part of the LGBTQI+ community to participate in sport.

Part of the campaign will include high profile sports women sharing their experiences in sport and encourage other women and people in the LGBTQI+ community to participate in sport.

Despite female athletic wear being much smaller than men, 2021 saw a 25% increase in athletic footwear alone.

NPD Group senior industry advisor, Matt Powell, said The women’s business is the sports industry’s greatest failure and its greatest opportunity.”

Adidas is sponsoring the 2023 FIFA women’s World Cup and increased sponsorship of the Uefa Women’s Championship League and 2022 Women’s Euro in an attempt to support women in sport.

Adidas will also be funding multiple grassroots programs to increase sports participation for underrepresented groups such as women and the LGBTQI+ community.

In March this year the company will launch a  Breaking Barriers Academy in Europe, a five-year program which supports 15 non-for profit organisations and trains 100 community champions in Europe on gender Equality.

The gender equality learning resources will be taught to sporting clubs, athletes, coaches and organisations throughout Europe to better education sporting members on equality.

Adidas will also continue its support for grassroots organisations such as Goals4Girls, where 1% of global ball sales will go to these organisation to further fund women in sport.

The Black Women’s Player Collective, Common Goal and Adidas Legacy Program are among other organisations supporting gender and racial equality in the sporting industry.

Adidas Vice President of global marketing, Vicky Free, said: “Partnering with community organisations, funding and building more football pitches and basketball courts and tennis courts, allows us to build access to sport.

“That’s how we bring our vision of inclusivity to life.”

In December 2021 Adidas launched a revolutionary new sports shoe, the UltraBoost 22 sneaker for women, which addresses the differences between male and female feel anatomy, prioritising female bodies.

On February 14 Adidas will be launching the I’m Possible series, which will tell the stories of athletes who exemplify the Impossible is nothing series.

Volleyball player Tiffany Abreu, model Ellie Goldstein, runner Fatima Ibrahimi, basketball player Asma Elbadawi, skateboarder Momiji Nishiya, actor HoTeon and yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley will all feature as stars of the series, sharing their inspiring stories.

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