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World Rugby Keeping Rugby Clean

keep rugby clean

World Rugby Keeping Rugby Clean

World Rugby has launched a new website to tackle doping and drug use in the sport.

The Keep Rugby Clean website will contain all rugby anti-doping news and information, as well as educational and informational materials and historical statistical reports.

World Rugby director of anti-doping and game research, Mike Earl, said: “The new website marks another significant milestone in World Rugby’s ongoing player welfare drive, and our aims to support our participants and stakeholders with the highest possible quality education and information.”

“Anti-doping is a critical knowledge area for players and their support staff.

“The website supports them and anyone who wants to keep up with anti-doping issues in the game by providing a wide range of content in an easy to access format.

“Alongside our new e-learning modules and annual education programme, the new website will help strengthen our efforts to keep rugby clean,” Earl said.

The website is available in English, French, Spanish and Japanese and is accessible to not only athletes and unions, but the general public too.

This comes after the International Testing Agency (ITA) announced a platform for athletes to anonymously report suspected doping perpetrators.

The platform called ‘Reveal’ will be managed by the ITA and all reports will be instigated discreetly.

ITA director general, Benjamin Cohen, said: “Not only does it provide our organisation with a new essential tool which will strengthen our fight for clean sport, it gives the sport and anti-doping community a wider coverage of whistleblowing opportunities.”

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