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Women’s USA Soccer Jersey Outsells Men’s In One Season, According To Nike Senior Director


The USA Women’s Home Jersey is now the number one soccer jersey, men’s or women’s, ever sold on nike.com  in one season.

The women’s USA team have consistently achieved more success on the field than their male counterparts, and now, the three-time World Cup winners are winning off the field as well.

According to Nike Senior Director, Heidi Burgett, the USA women’s home shirt for the World Cup has become the highest selling shirt for the American company in one season.

The women, who are currently competing in the World Cup in France, are due to face England in the semi-finals on Tuesday.

The men’s team, however, lost to Trinidad and Tobago in their final qualification match in 2017 and also missed out on the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the first time since 1986 they’d failed to do so.

Never before has the gap in their success on the pitch been wider though, according to the Guardian the USA Women’s team had earned $90,000 in bonuses before the win over France in the quarter-final, but the men’s team would have earnt $550,000 each.

The report goes on to say the total earnings available to the women for winning the World Cup is $260,869 each but the men’s potential earnings go up to $1,114,429 each.

With the women’s World Cup shirts outselling the men’s, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) will have a hard time disputing claims for equal pay between the two sides.

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