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Wests Tigers Announce Support For NSW Government’s “Shoosh For Kids” Program


NRL club Wests Tigers has announced its support for the NSW Government’s “Shoosh for Kids” campaign, aligning with more than 250 sports clubs, associations, and 32 State Sporting Organisations to champion positive sideline conduct at children’s sports events this winter.

Rather than demanding complete silence, the initiative gently reminds spectators that if they can’t contribute constructively, it’s best to withhold negative comments. This approach aims to preserve the essence of community sports, focusing on fun, skill development, and social interactions for youngsters, rather than intense competition.

At a special event held at the Wests Tigers Centre of Excellence in Concord, the significance of the campaign was highlighted as junior players from the Concord Burwood Wolves met their sports heroes. This face-to-face encounter underscored the critical role of positive spectator behaviour in shaping the experiences of young athletes.

Karen Jones, Chief Executive of the Office of Sport, stressed the importance of adult spectators recognising that junior sports are not professional leagues but platforms for children to have fun and grow in a supportive setting. Echoing this sentiment, Wests Tigers player David Klemmer, a father of three football-playing boys, emphasised the need for a positive environment on the sidelines to ensure a positive and nurturing sports journey for the kids.

Supporting the cause, Glenn Bruce, President of Concord Burwood Wolves, emphasised that disparaging conduct towards referees, players, and officials is unwelcome. He urged spectators to focus on uplifting cheers and show respect to the volunteers who work to provide a safe and inclusive sports atmosphere for the children.

Clubs and associations interested in participating in the “Shoosh for Kids” campaign and accessing complimentary resources to promote positive sideline behaviour can find more details on the NSW Government’s sports website. This initiative underlines a broader commitment to preserving sports as a rewarding and enjoyable part of children’s lives, fostering not only physical activity but also mental well-being and social capabilities.

The Wests Tigers’ recent initiative to improve fan behaviour demonstrates a proactive approach to fostering a positive and inclusive environment at their games. By actively mobilising their fanbase through targeted campaigns and community engagement, the club is setting a high standard for sportsmanship and respect both on and off the field. This strategy not only enhances the overall game-day experience but also reinforces the Tigers’ commitment to their values, painting a commendable image of the club as a leader in promoting ethical conduct among supporters. This move is likely to strengthen the bond between the team and its fans, creating a more unified and supportive community.

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