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UK Surpassed As The NFL’s Largest European Market

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UK Surpassed As The NFL’s Largest European Market

According to NFL head of UK and Europe, Brett Gosper, when taking to the Associated Press, Germany has surpassed the UK as the organisation’s largest European market after recording more Game Pass subscribers, consumer product sales and sales of popular video game, Madden.

Gosper said that despite both markets being home to the same amount of ‘avid fans’, which currently sit at 3.3 million, Germany has more casual fans, with 17 million.

This declaration came as Germany geared up to host it’s first-ever regular-season game between the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A previous attempt to move into the European sporting markets with American Football was made with the launch of NFL Europe, functioning as a developmental minor league, with five of the nine European clubs were based in Germany, however, the league ulitmately failed.

Interest in NFL really took off in Germany when games became easily accessible on a prominent free-to-air channel in the country in 2015.

Gosper acknowledged how the NFL is ‘probably a little late’ in coming to Germany but said adding a 17th game to the schedule was key.

“Having that (extra game) enabled us to move into Germany, but it probably was a market that was ready to see an NFL game here a lot earlier,” Gosper said.

Commenting on the NFL’s move into Germany, NFL executive vice president of club business and league events, Peter O’Reilly, said: “What the commissioner and we are feeling is the excitement from our teams to play here, especially those clubs that have the international home marketing area rights to Germany.”

These comments follow the announcement that the NFL is partnering with the DFL, organisers of the Bundesliga to collaborate on key business areas in the US and German markets.

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