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UFC and 4D Sight Forge Multi-Year Partnership to Revolutionise Sponsorship Integration

UFC and 4D Sight Forge Multi-Year Partnership to Revolutionise Sponsorship Integration

The UFC has teamed up with 4D Sight, a pioneering native video monetisation and compliance platform, in a multi-year agreement. This partnership will leverage 4D Sight’s patented deep-learning technology to digitally display sponsors’ logos on the iconic Octagon canvas during select live UFC broadcasts.

Building upon the success of their original pilot program launched in 2021, UFC and 4D Sight are taking virtual advertising technology to the next level. This expansion aims to enhance the viewing experience for fans and provide sponsors with a more targeted platform. Notably, this marks UFC as 4D’s inaugural multi-year client, solidifying their commitment to innovating in the world of sports marketing.

4D Sight’s revolutionary AI technology, known as ‘4D AI,’ empowers UFC to hyper-target brand exposure within specific regions, delivering greater relevance to fans worldwide. This means that viewers can expect to see sponsors’ logos dynamically placed on the Octagon canvas during live events, all without the constraints of specific camera angles or fixed logo placements.

The agility of 4D AI is especially notable in the context of UFC’s fast-paced and dynamic environment. This advanced technology opens up new avenues for UFC to capitalise on sponsorship opportunities, substantially elevating the value of its marquee marketing platform—live events. By digitally integrating logos onto the Octagon canvas, UFC transcends the limitations of traditional physical logo placements, ushering in a new era of dynamic and highly targeted sponsorship integration.

“4D AI opens up a world of opportunity for UFC to maximise corporate partnerships by localising brand exposure and creating greater relevance and engagement with viewers,” Grant Norris-Jones, UFC Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships stated. “This tech is a game changer in branded integrations with one of the most visible sports settings in the world, the UFC Octagon.”

“We are personalising a painted logo on a mat or an empty wall in a video game at the regional and individual level – enabling use cases such as covering sports betting ads in specific regions or replacing an alcohol brand for an underage viewer,” said Erhan Ciris, Founder and CEO of 4D Sight. “This is all happening in real-time with no room for error – real-time video content understanding enables real-time content generation cycle with infinite ending options”.

In a strategic move to cater to diverse international markets, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is set to implement 4D AI technology during select international feeds of its Pay-Per-View events. This innovative approach allows UFC to showcase partner logos on the Octagon canvas, specifically tailored for each market.

This landmark partnership underscores UFC’s unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible experience to its global fanbase while simultaneously offering sponsors innovative and impactful opportunities to engage with their audience. As the sports world continues to evolve, UFC and 4D Sight are at the forefront of ushering in a new era of virtual advertising and sponsorship integration within live sports broadcasts.

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