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The Gold Coast Suns Announce Partnership With Asahi Beverages


The Gold Coast Suns have taken to social media to announce their recent partnership with Asahi Lifestyle Beverages (ALB) in a unique, and engaging manner.

The video, featuring various Suns players, shows them reacting as they taste popular ALB products, including Pepsi, Schweppes Lemonade, Gatorade, and Solo.

This light-hearted and entertaining approach not only functions as an interactive content piece but also shines a spotlight on the brand in a fun and approachable way. By showcasing the players enjoying these drinks, the Gold Coast Suns successfully humanise the brand, forging a more genuine bond with their supporters.

Content like this serves a dual purpose in sports marketing. Primarily, it captures attention and sparks engagement on social media platforms, boosting the visibility of both the Gold Coast Suns and ALB. Fans are inclined to share and interact with the video, organically spreading the news. Additionally, it underscores the practical side of the partnership, demonstrating that ALB’s products will play a vital role in the players’ performance and hydration.

Mark Evans, the Chief Executive of the Gold Coast SUNS, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, underscoring the shared values of both brands in promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. This video not only heralds the new partnership but also reinforces the mutual ethos of the Gold Coast SUNS and Asahi Lifestyle Beverages.

By infusing humour and a laid-back ambiance, the video sets this partnership revelation apart from conventional press releases. It perfectly aligns with contemporary marketing trends that prioritise authentic, captivating, and shareable content.

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