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Team Oracle Signs Strategic Partnership With Esports High Performance Centre


Australia’s newest team to contend for the DOTA 2 world title, Team Oracle, has signed a strategic partnership with the Esports High-Performance Centre (EHPC).

The annual tournament finale for DOTA 2, The International, this year has a prize pool of over USD $30m (and growing) and Team Oracle has taken some major steps to ensure they will become the first Australian based team to compete at the gaming tournament.

Located in Perth, Team Oracle was founded by one of the games most decorated players, QO, and is now alongside some of Australia’s top esports franchises including Dire Wolves (League of Legends) and Sydney Drop Bears (Overwatch Contenders) brought together by Guinevere Capital, a Sydney based investment and advisory firm focused on the sport, media & entertainment sector.

QO (aka Sun Yeob Kim) is already a household DOTA 2 name, having previosuly competed at The International with teams such as Fnatic and Immortals, as well as numerous high placings in multiple Dota 2 tournaments.

He is now excited to have made his move into becoming a team owner, manager and coach with Team Oracle.

“I’ve always had the dream of building an esports organisation,” he said.

“But while I was performing for T1 teams such as Fnatic and Immortals, I didn’t have time to start my own.

“Now I’m back in Australia, I’m glad to get the opportunity to start one with Australian support.

“I believe that all Australian players are super talented, but not many can get the chance to be a Tier 1 player, only the ones who have been able to fly overseas (ana, kpii, me) succeeded.

“My aim is to search for talented players, provide a similar environment to what ana, kpii and I got personally and build them into where they belong – which is a tier 1 team.”

Another strategic decision QO has made in order to help Team Oracle succeed is the partnership he has signed with the Esports High Performance Centre.

CEO of the Esports High Performance Centre (EHPC), Gareth Jones, sees QO’s vision and philosophy for Team Oracle as the perfect fit with the EHPC

“Our mission at the EHPC is to help elevate the professionalism of esports within Australia.

“We work with talented and ambitious teams, players and coaches and provide the support needed for them to compete at the highest level – essentially helping to put Australian esports on the global stage,” Jones said.

“We are fortunate enough to work with some of Australia’s most decorated teams including the Dire Wolves and Sydney Drop Bears and we look forward to achieving the same kind of results with QO and Team Oracle.”

When asked about his recent match results in the ESL ANZ championship – knocking out Zen 9 & Shutdown ESG in a 2-0 fashion, QO commented: “Australian teams are improving, hopefully, this is making the case that one day we can get local major/minor tournament opportunities from Valve.”

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